Our strenght is based on kindness


"Better people make better people". Norman Maxwell opens the Clinic from this concept before making analysis, and this will be the task of the whole week, individual skills and the game vision.

The All Blacks Clinic is now officially opened; the players are mainly from Italy, 42 to be precise, along with many other player from other EU countries (Belgium, Greece, Slovenia) and our Staff took care about their arrival and accomodation.

The check.in and registering procedures were done, all the luggages well placed in each hotel room by our rooming team; dinner together in the "Bislunga" Club House of Rugby Milano (partner of the event): a warm and cozy welcome for everyone.

The first meeting was held in the Hotel conference room after dinner to set-up and give all the briefs fot ehe incoming days. Have you ever thought that the philosophy behind the World's Champions of New Zealand is first of all is based on <b>kindness</b>? Starting from a "Good day, sir!", notice and taking care of a team mate needs, to smile and encourage. You can and you should start from these to build the strenght on field.

"<b>Toghether</b> is the other key word. To well explain to people that are not used to NZ culture, the All Blacks use a Maori song: "<i>Tutira mai nga iwi, Tatou ta tou e...</i>" (Stand together people, All of us, all of us). Basically, we are never alone, as everyone can build up his strenght from our team mates.

Monday morning, week begins full of these emotions: player are divided in 4 working groups, each one is assigned an iconic All Blacks champion name: Richie McCaw, John Kirwan, Jonah Lomu, Dan Carter. And the story begins: everybody on the field! They will be thrown in a new perspective we are used to: one by one each player will stay outside, looking carefully, analising and judging the excercise and his mates to improve each time more and more. "We must make mistake, and make them again and again; but most of all we must admit them to let improvents flow in our life"